Uruguayan poet Ida Vitale receives Cervantes award from the king of Spain – Showbiz

Uruguayan poet Ida Vitale receives Cervantes award from the king of Spain - Showbiz

Among the author's vast published work, titles such as "The Light of this Memory", "Looking for the Impossible", "Lexicon of Affinities", "Dreams of Constancy" and "Each in its Night" stand out.

Writer Mario Benedetti (1920-2009) and Juan Carlos Onetti (1909-1994), a group that is considered, in the history of Hispanic literatures, the most important literary movement in Uruguay, in the twentieth century.

Ida Vitale studied humanities and taught until 1974 in Montevideo when the military dictatorship forced her to exile in Mexico for ten years.

Collaborator of newspapers and magazines, she was also part of the advisory board of Vuelta magazine and the founding group of the newspaper Unomasuno, in Mexico.

Without works published in Portuguese, according to the catalog of the National Library, Ida Vitale translated, in 1968, for Castilian, the letters of love of the Portuguese nun, attributed to Mariana Alcoforado, published in Montevideo, Uruguay, by the Ark-Galerna.

Among the prizes she received are the Octavio Paz International Prize for Poetry and Essay, the Queen Sofia Prize for Ibero-American Poetry (2015) and the Poetry International Federico García Lorca (2016).

She is also an honorary doctor of the University of the Republic of Uruguay.

Last September, Ida Vitale was awarded the Prize in Romance Languages ​​of the International Book Fair (FIL) of Guadalajara, which will be delivered in Mexico on the 24th, during FIL.

The jury of the Mexican prize, which distinguished Vilate unanimously, then highlighted "the refined voice" of the writer, who "knows how to renew the tradition and affirm its presence in modernity", constituting "a poetic force within the Spanish language."

In 2017, the Cervantes Prize, endowed with 125 thousand euros – prize known in Spain as "the Nobel of Literature in Catelhano" – was awarded to the Nicaraguan Sergio Ramirez.

The distinction of the Uruguayan Ida Vitale in 2018 broke the tradition of alternation between Spanish and Latin American authors, established throughout the different editions of the prize.

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra is a novelist, playwright and poet who was born in Alcalá de Henares, outskirts of Madrid, in 1547 and died in the Spanish capital in 1616.

His masterpiece, "Don Quixote de la Mancha", is a classic of Western literature, usually considered one of the best novels ever written.

The influence of this work on the Castilian language is of such great form that this language is often called the language of Cervantes.

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