US agencies remain banned from buying Huawei products – Business

US agencies remain banned from buying Huawei products - Business

"We will not do business with Huawei." These were Donald Trump's remarks to reporters last week that initially prompted the international press to talk about a further retreat in relations between Huawei and the United States.

The White House later came to clarify that the US president was referring to a US government ban on using Huawei products or technology. This ban was already implemented in January 2018 as part of a law known as The National Defense Authorization Act.

Accordingly, government agencies continue to be prohibited from purchasing telecommunications products from Huawei without the express permission of the United States government. In this list, the company is clearly disadvantaged in the American market.

The statement comes as the Chinese government refused to buy agricultural products from the United States, a move that could be a retaliation for Trump's tariffs on imports from China.

And still in a "hostile environment", by the beginning of August the Chinese government had already authorized the devaluation of its currency against the dollar, which some say is a "currency war" movement. The United States officially classified China as a "currency manipulator" in response.

Since May, the United States has blacklisted Huawei, and since then Donald Trump's course has been uncertain. Although blacklisted, the Chinese manufacturer can continue to buy technology and products in the United States under a special license.

In the "midst" of this uncertainty, late last week on August 9, Huawei officially unveiled its operating system, an alternative to the Android system if US bans continue to escalate. Hitherto known as HongmengOS, HarmonyOS was the name chosen for this new Huawei solution, which promises an engine capable of delivering a fluid and interactive experience.

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