US to photograph all passengers outside their airports – Computers

US to photograph all passengers outside their airports - Computers

One of the main goals of the measure, which has been in the test program since 2017, is to see if the deadlines for visas granted to stay in the country have been respected, the Quartz site reports on the basis of a recently released report. Under US law, anyone who exceeds this deadline is barred from entering the country for up to 10 years.

The information gathered to date to create this new photographic database confirms the problem. In the 15 thousand flights where data were collected, seven thousand cases of overtime were detected. Authorities believe, however, that the number will be much higher, around 600,000 cases per year.

The intent of the Department of Homeland Security is being criticized because it is considered to be against user privacy rights. Once the data is obtained, it will be difficult to ensure that it will not be used by other authorities for purposes other than those originally envisaged.

The biometric identification system was already being used at 15 airports at the end of last year, where photographic registration of users is obtained at the boarding gate. The information is cross-referenced with that of other image banks of border control authorities to draw conclusions.

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