Useful games and utilities to install on your smartphone – Apps

Useful games and utilities to install on your smartphone - Apps

This week SAPO TEK brought together different types of applications for your smartphone, be it the Android family or iOS. Below you can discover a wonderful game inspired by Disneyland, where you have the challenge of building a theme park with lots of fun. If you drive, you will certainly be interested in an application to control your costs.

We could not end the week without trying an app that teaches techniques to turn pancakes. Got your mouth watering? Check out all the applications of the week below.

Soon: an application to store everything you want to do one day

And whoever talks about doing talks about visiting, seeing or reading. In this app there is no lack of verbs in the infinitive to conjugate. Or is it better to say "to materialize"?

Soon's idea is to "save" bucket lists for various things: travel, movies, series, books or restaurant X in city Y. And if the task is fulfilled in the meantime, it is enough to mark it as such, being able to evaluate and comment on it. experience.

It is possible to share your opinion, as well as to see the opinions of other users about the different topics that are being published.

In addition to third-party comments, the platform itself provides information on the various suggestions in each category, linking to specialized site search engines, for example synopses and movie and series trailers.

Users can also link directly to their profiles on social networks and associate friends to "exchange pennants" about common interests.

Soon is free and is available for Android and iOS devices, respectively, through the Play Store and the App Store.

Identify flowers and plants with your smartphone

The PlantSnap application has in its database more than 585 thousand species of plants, from all over the world. It works by sending a photo of the plant that is to be identified.

PlantSnap is an application that aims to quickly identify any type of plant, anywhere in the world. The app says on its official website that its database recognizes more than 585,000 species, including flowers, trees, cacti or other plants, which corresponds to 90% of known species.

To identify a plant, the user should take a photo and send it to PlantSnap, which will try to identify it in a few seconds, using its algorithm. Artificially-based technology makes the application go improving results after each submitted image.

In addition to identifying the plant, PlantSnap also includes an "Explore" section where you can get information on individual plants, including recommendations on how they can be grown. The information presented comes from the site, with just one touch of the button to access the article online.

PlantSnap exists in both paid and free versions. The free version can be downloaded for Android through Google Play and for iPhone and iPad in the AppStore.

Build a theme park for the Disney and Pixar characters

In Magic Kingdom you will have all the tools to build entertainments to recreate the adventures of Little Mermaid, Lion King, Toy Story, among other characters.

Disney's famed amusement parks delight kids and adults alike, but through the Magic Kingdom game you can recreate the greatest adventures in the world of Mickey, Goofy and Donald, among other Pixar motion pictures. In all, this theme park simulator includes more than 150 known characters, from Sleeping Beauty, Moana, Lion King, Toy Story, among many others on an authentic anthology trip to more than 90 years of Disney magic.

In this game you'll have access to tools to build themed attractions, drawing directly on Disney's amusements, including Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion and the lovely "it's a small world" trip. You can even give it a personal touch and customize the whole park to your liking.

As in all visits to Disneyland it is obligatory to watch the parades of the characters, also in the game you can organize the parades, and close the day with the also famous fireworks. The game also includes more than 1,500 missions to complete, in order to raise money to invest in the park.

You can download this free management game inspired by Disney in iOS and Android versions.

How skillful is turning pancakes with the frying pan?

You have to agree that it's a movement that implies some "art" and with this app can put your skills to the test.

We'll let you know right away that this is a very simple game, although it has its "what". It's basically like the act itself: something that, although simple, needs some technique. We're talking about the art of tossing pancakes into the air to turn them on, because that's what Pancake the Game is about.

In the game is equipped with a frying pan that will have to handle to turn the pancake as many times as possible without it falling. The trick is to extend the touch on the screen to manage the slope of the frying pan.

And that's it: "throw the pancake, pick up the pancake, throw the pancake, pick up the pancake" as the game's creators describe it.

The Pancake the Game is free and is available for Android and iOS devices.

Control your vehicle's expenses with Drivvo

The application allows you to record the expenses you make with your car, providing you with complete reports on supplies, fuel consumption and services.

Drivvo is a free application that provides the user with resources to manage the expenses of your vehicle. Through the app, it is possible to control from the supply to the maintenance, consult detailed reports and still save the important dates related to your vehicle (which can be light, heavy or motorcycle), so as to be reminded whenever necessary.

The application includes a function to generate reports on the performance of the vehicle, where the user can have access to numbers on the distance traveled, average kilometers per day, cost per kilometer or others, during a selected period of time. In addition, there is still a calculator inside the app itself, which can be useful in times of haste.

Drivvo will refine its indications based on the number of information entered in the app. Each oil change or supply provides more data on the driver's habits and vehicle data, making the information bank more complete available.

Drivvo features custom charts for monthly expenses, fuel consumption, distance to fuel, averages for fuel and services (including oil change, air conditioning, battery, brake pads, glass, mirrors, overhaul and tires).

The application is free, although there is also a Pro version, without advertising and with some extra features. It can be downloaded for Android on Google Play and for iPhone and iPad in the App Store.

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