Vanda Miranda on the life in the field: "I like even to grow some lettuces" – Current

Vanda Miranda on the life in the field: "I like even to grow some lettuces" - Current

Vanda Miranda was one of the well-known faces that was present at the event of the Havaianas brand, which took place this Thursday in Lisbon. The occasion, inspired by the defense of the environment and animal species, led us to a conversation with the radio broadcaster about her concerns about ecological issues.

The voice of the M80 spoke to us of the passion for the field and the way in which it infuses to the children – of ten and 24 years – practices that defend the planet. In Vanda's eyes, "we must associate with everything that defends the environment," because "we have to worry more and more."

By having such a close relationship with the countryside, is it easier to cultivate this responsibility?

Yes, much easier. For example, in relation to water, I have been worrying about saving for many years, and I am very much aware of this in my children. I have a little earth, I even like to grow some lettuce … I think even in an apartment it is possible to have a mini vegetable garden, herbs, there are things that grow perfectly on a balcony. Cultivating and then consuming gives a very good satisfaction. We are back to origins.

One misses the affection that the previous generations placed in the one that harvested of the earth.

No doubt. It really does recover it. But I was talking about the water, because I always tell you how to close the taps at home. But the fact of having a bigger contact with the field also made me realize that we in the city tend to complain about the rain, I began to realize the lack it makes and enjoy the rainy days.

As a mother, what practices do you have on a day to day basis to convey these values ​​of responsibility and prevention?

Sometimes I use a white lie, and when he's slowed down in the shower, I tell him the firemen need some water and I sometimes even say they called home. But those are harmless things.

How old is he?

He's ten years old. You do not believe it, of course. But this kind of thing of not letting water run [merece atenção] because sometimes it is distraction and even waste many liters without need. Separating the trash is one thing we do a lot there at home. I'm very keen to start composting once I have an outdoor space.

When looking at your children, do you feel that the new generations have a closer look at environmental problems?

Yes, schools have done a good job in that regard. I am very glad to realize that they have a more developed ecological consciousness than we did when we were their age. Sometimes he comes in and says, 'Mother, we should not use paper napkins.' And then we started to use cloth. I realize that he brings this out and is a contribution for the family to have a growing concern.

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