"Variations" has premiere scheduled for Monday in Amares – News

"Variations" has premiere scheduled for Monday in Amares - News

António Joaquim Rodrigues Ribeiro, who adopted the stage name António Variações, was born in 1944 in Fiscal, Amares, and died in 1984. According to the producer, the film focuses precisely on “the process of transformation in the persona of António Variações, eccentric artist and popular whose glowing career was interrupted by his death. ”

At only 12 years old, António Variações went to live in Lisbon, where he ended up “imposing” himself as a barber and a figure of the city's capital, but always pursuing his dream of becoming a singer and songwriter, despite not knowing a music note.

Tired of waiting for an opportunity from the publisher, he begins, "at his expense," trying to build a career in the music business. It took five years to become famous. In May 1983, he was one of the most popular Portuguese artists, with over 100 shows scheduled for the summer.

Her first album, “Angel of the Guard”, was a sales phenomenon and Variations makes her concert more “in love”, according to the producer, in Aula Magna, being the first part of Amália Rodrigues, her biggest idol.

In 1984, Variations records their second and final album, called “Give and Receive.” He would die in June of that same year at the age of 39.

The film also discusses the love life of Variations, namely its relationship with the hairdresser Fernando Ataíde.

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