Vasco Cordeiro says the importance of legislatures “is evident – Jornal Económico

"The importance of these elections is evident, and has been emphasized, from the outset by the President of the Republic, but also by all parties," said the governor.

Vasco Cordeiro voted today shortly after 9 am (less than one in mainland Portugal) in Ponta Delgada, on the island of São Miguel.

Praising the “good time to vote” on Sunday, the Azorean chief executive also recalled that there are “several possible options” for citizens to vote, different “political projects” and different ways of using the vote.

"It is fundamental to the strengthening of our democracy that, among the various options possible in these legislative elections, the Azoreans go to the polls and exercise this which is their right, but also a civic duty," he said.

More than 10.8 million registered voters at home and abroad are today called to the polls to choose the constitution of the Assembly of the Republic in the next legislature and where the new Government will come from.

This is the 16th time the Portuguese will be called to vote in legislatures, with a record number of political forces competing in these elections – 20 parties and one coalition – although only 15 come to all constituencies.

In total 230 Members are elected in elections which over the years have seen an increase in the abstention rate.

In 2015, the abstention rate reached a record 44.4 percent, compared with 8.3 percent in the 1975 Constituent Assembly elections, or 16.4 percent of the first legislatures in 1976.

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