Vasco Palmeirim tells stories to the little ones at the Open Mag 2019 in Lisbon

Vasco Palmeirim tells stories to the little ones at the Open Mag 2019 in Lisbon

There are plenty of reasons for children to accompany their parents to the Open Mag 2019 in Lisbon, which will take place next weekend in the Tejo room of Altice Arena, in Parque das Nações. Next Sunday, starting at 3:30 p.m., radio announcer and television presenter Vasco Palmeirim will be in the space of the McDonald's restaurant chain for an hour of the tale that promises to be (very) lively.

In addition to a shantala massage workshop for babies, the official program of the event also includes a yoga class for parents and children on Saturday. The children's theme will also be present in the open talk that addresses the care of children during vacation travel and the talk about the language of the babies that Constança Cordeiro Ferreira, a baby therapist at the Baby Center in Lisbon, will attend. to give.

"Mindfulness in motherhood" is the theme of open talk by clinical psychologist Mariana Cordeiro Ferreira, scheduled for 12:15 pm on Sunday. Three hours later, at 3:15 pm, nurse Carmen Ferreira, psychologist Catarina Castro Lopes and presenter and announcer Luísa Barbosa discuss the benefits of breastfeeding and the decision not to breastfeed that many women take after childbirth.

As in previous editions, there are many experiences awaiting the thousands of expected visitors. "This year, we will have more than 70 events taking place in the two days and an exhibition space of 2,400 meters," says Tânia Alexandre, director of Saber Viver magazine, which promotes the initiative. The actress and television presenter Rita Pereira is the ambassador of the event. SAPO is a media partner.

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