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The proposals to amend the PSD, PCP and CDS-PP so that the bullfights also have the VAT at the reduced rate, 6%, were this Tuesday night approved in the specialty of the State Budget.

It was after more than eight hours of the second day of voting in the specialty of the State Budget proposal for 2019 (OE2019) that it is time for one of the most controversial issues of the last weeks to be voted on.

The PSD and the CDS-PP changed their initial proposals, having a wording equal to that of the PCP, and the three were jointly voted, lowering the VAT rate to the minimum not only in bullfights, but also in tickets to singing shows , dance, music, theater, cinema and circus, despite the votes against the PS and BE.

On the other hand, the proposal to amend the PS – contrary to that of the Government, which maintained bullfights at 13% – set the VAT at the minimum rate for "tickets to singing, dance, music, theater, bullfighting and circus performances held in fixed artistic spectacle or in traveling circuses "was rejected, having had the vote in favor only of the socialists and the votes against of all the benches.

In all these proposals "except for pornographic or obscene performances, as such considered in legislation on the subject"

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