Velocipédic calendar opens in Algarve and August will have Tour of Portugal

Velocipédic calendar opens in Algarve and August will have Tour of Portugal

The Volta ao Algarve will be, contrary to what is usual, the first race of the velocipédico calendar in Portugal next season, with the 82nd Tour to Portugal being scheduled for the usual first half of August.

According to the activity plan of the Portuguese Cycling Federation, 'Algarvia', the only event on the calendar of the UCI ProSeries category to be held in Portugal, will take place from February 17th to 21st, even before the Opening (March 7), which traditionally opens the season.

The other great highlight of the season that competitively extends until September is Volta a Portugal, whose 82nd edition, replaced this year by a special edition due to the covid-19 pandemic, will take place between the 4th and 15th of August.

In addition to the two races, there will be three more international races in Portugal: Classical da Arrábida (14 February), Volta ao Alentejo (17 to 21 February) and Torres Vedras International Grand Prix – Joaquim Agostinho Trophy (15 to 18 July).

The Portuguese Cup will consist of the Opening Event, in the region of Aveiro, the Classic of Arrábida and the Classic Aldeias do Xisto (May 9).

From June 18th to 20th, the National Championships will take place, still in a place to be designated.

For the end of the season, which arrives in Portugal a month before the end of the WorldTour and European circuit events, the Filigrana Route is scheduled (September 18), saying goodbye to the peloton at the Track Festival in Tavira, on 05 of October.


17 Feb-21 Feb: 47th Tour of the Algarve.

07 mar: 1st Portuguese Cup Event – Opening Event – Aveiro Region.

14 mar: 2nd Portuguese Cup Event – Arrábida Classic.

17-21 mar: 38th Tour to Alentejo.

28 mar: 25th Spring Classic.

Apr 15-18: Grand Prix JN / O Jogo.

April 25: Mortágua Grand Prix.

02 May: Return to Albergaria.

May 09: 3rd Portuguese Cup Event – Aldeia do Xisto Classic.

May 13-16: Grand Prix The Game.

May 30: 12th Memorial Bruno Neves.

01-06 Jun: 41st Abimota Grand Prix.

18-20 Jun: National Championships.

Jun 25-27: Back from the Future

Jul 4: 5th Anicolor Grand Prix.

Jul 15-18: 43rd Torres Vedras International Grand Prix – Joaquim Agostinho Trophy.

04-15 Aug: 82nd Tour of Portugal.

Aug 21: Alcobaça Circuit.

Aug 22: Malveira Circuit.

Aug 23: Moita Circuit.

Aug 23: Nafarros Circuit.

30 Aug-05 Sep: 30th Grand Prix Jornal de Notícias.

September 12: National Ramp Championship.

September 18: Filigree Route.

05 Oct: Track Festival – Tavira.


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