Ventania in Lagoa will promote symphony

Ventania in Lagoa will promote symphony

Lagoa promotes chamber orchestra concert, on November 28, at 9:30 pm, streaming on the municipality's facebook page.

VENTANIA – Performing Arts Festival of the Barlavento, proposes the premiere of Symphony n.7, op. 278 by Jorge Salgueiro “Ritual of Evocation of the Elements”, work in the form of a chamber orchestra for 2 voices, narrator and audio. Ventania Orquestra will be on stage, with Margarida Pequito as “Menina Thunberg”, Carina Matias Ferreira and Joana Godinho in the corner, in a work on climate change and the environment.

“Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” was an important United Nations resolution created in September 2015, and anchored in the adoption of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, bold and transforming steps towards a better future for all . In January 2016, the World Economic Forum in Davos warned that the increase in the use of plastics is so significant that in 2050 the oceans will have more plastic waste than fish.

And suddenly the world forgot all this: “My generation until now has failed to preserve the planet”, in the words of United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, at the Youth Climate Summit in September 2019.

This is the motto for Jorge Salgueiro's latest creation, "Ritual of Evocation of the Elements", initially scheduled for March 22, 2020, World Water Day. Built in 2 movements: 1. THE FOUR ELEMENTS and 2. THE RITUAL, it was composed between 2019 and 2020 for a choral-symphonic formation and re-orchestrated for a chamber version as a result of the limitations raised by the Covid pandemic 19.

The Oorquestra was created through a public invitation to all professional musicians residing in the Algarve who wished to integrate this project of citizenship & democracy. Currently, in the chamber version, the 22 musicians present are part of a panoply of institutions dedicated to classical music in the Algarve, both in specialized artistic music teaching and professional practice, eg: Conservatório de Artes de Lagoa, Conservatório de Música de Loulé, Portimão Music Academy, Bemposta Schools Group in Portimão and Classical Southern Orchestra.

The Children's Choir was designed in partnership with the Padre António Martins de Oliveira School Group (ESPAMOL) and Bemposta Portimão School Group, as well as the Algarve Percussion Group, under the direction of Vasco Ramalho. However, and for contingency reasons of the pandemic, the orchestra will have only 2 voices, narrator, audio and 18 instrumentalists.


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