Very sweaty and even more suffered

Very sweaty and even more suffered


What about an experienced and confident defender who, at 12 minutes, sees a card for putting his hand on the ball and, at 32 ', is sent off for a yellow double? Well, it's not easy, but that's what you did Rafael Vieira, yesterday.

And what about a young, talented defender, who heads his opponent, Academic had just tied the game? Well, the gesture was worth "red" direct to Fabiano.

What to say, then, about a game in which Académica plays more than 40 minutes with 10 players, concedes a goal and gets a draw, but then starts playing with 9? Yes, these are things that (rarely) happen but that, yesterday, in the challenge of the 12th round of the 2nd League, resulted in a very sweaty tie and even more suffered by the Academic.

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