Via do Infante User Committee protests with "yellow vests" on Saturday – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Via do Infante User Committee protests with "yellow vests" on Saturday - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

After a new parliamentary lead at the end of the tolls on the A22, the User Commission of the Via do Infante (CUVI) has scheduled a protest in Loulé next Saturday, in which it appeals to the participation of the Algarve in "yellow vests."

"CUVI appeals to the maximum participation in this action and with the proper yellow vests," said the movement, whose protest will take place in front of Via Livre, the toll collection, next to McDonald's, from 11:00 hours, on the day that marks the 7th anniversary of the introduction of tolls in the Algarve.

Remember, the parliamentary proposals for the elimination of tolls in the A22, presented by BE and PCP, were retaken last week during the discussion of the State Budget for 2019, with PSD voting against and abstention from PSD and CDS-PP, lamented the User Commission of Via do Infante (CUVI).

"The PS once again voted against such proposals, while PSD and CDS abstained. In short, these three parties continue to be the main responsible for the economic and social attack that is committed daily in Via do Infante against the economy and the populations of the Algarve, "the movement said in a statement.

The CUVI accuses the PS of continuing to assume itself as "the main executioner of the legitimate aspirations of the Algarve", after António Costa, recognizing that the EN125 was a "cemetery", had promised, before the 2015 Legislative, to end the tolls.

"PS, PSD and CDS have missed another opportunity to redeem themselves from the serious mistakes they continue to impose on the Algarve. It is thus very clear that the pious discourses uttered by PS, PSD and CDS are nothing more than pure hypocrisy and pure acts of cynicism that only aim to deceive the people of the Algarve ", emphasizes the commission of users.

The government's proposal to process a small tonnage reduction in early 2019 only for freight vehicles is considered "unfair and insufficient" by CUVI as it does not cover most vehicles.



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