ViaTecla presents its latest innovations to the community – Expert

ViaTecla presents its latest innovations to the community - Expert

The national technology organizes its Open Day tomorrow, where it intends to present its latest solutions and allow visitors to broaden their network of contacts.

ViaTecla organizes its annual Open Day tomorrow. The company opens the doors of its headquarters, in Almada, next Thursday, 4th, to all customers, partners and surrounding community. This initiative has existed for more than ten years and usually has more than a hundred visits.

The Portuguese technology will thus present visitors with their latest innovations and the latest projects developed, sharing their vision and solutions already implemented in markets such as Brazilian, Peruvian and Chilean.

Another of the objectives of the event is to provide guests with the opportunity to broaden their network of contacts and knowledge through interaction with other visitors, market colleagues and institutions of the national scientific system.

In a statement to the press, CEO Pedro Seabra said: "Open Day had the initial goal of attracting talent from universities and training schools, but was quickly recognized for the great value of sharing what we do with the customer community."

Founded in 1996, ViaTecla is dedicated to the development of innovative business solutions in information technologies, critical for organizations and supported in Web-based technology.

Open Day registrations are available on the company's website.

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