Vicente de Mateos was 5th in the stage and jumped to the «top-5» in the Tour de Portugal – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Vicente de Mateos closed podium in the 2nd stage of the Tour of Madrid - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

Spanish cyclist Vicente de Mateos (Aviludo / Louletano) was today ranked 5th in the 2nd stage of the Tour de Portugal, jumping to the «top-5» of the overall classification now led by Gustavo Veloso (W52 / FC Porto) ).

The 198.5-kilometer take-off between Marinha Grande and Santo António dos Cavaleiros, in the municipality of Loures, ended with a 4th category climb of 1400 meters and an average slope of 8 percent.

Aviludo / Louletano tried to attack for the last few kilometers, but Luís Mendonça of Rádio Popular / Boavista advanced in the final meters, eventually losing the victory to the Basque Mikel Aristi Gardoki.

Gustavo Veloso, 3rd place, Jóni Brandão (Efapel), 4th, and Vicente de Mateos, 5th, three of the favorites for the final triumph, ended together.

A crash in the last kilometer eventually affected some Sporting / Tavira riders, whose best representative in the tirade was Alejandro Marque in 9th place.

The 'yellow jersey' is still at W52 / FC Porto, but now belongs to Gustavo Veloso – who dethroned Algarve team-mate Samuel Caldeira – while Vicente de Mateos is fifth in 9 seconds and Alejandro Marque 6 ., At 11 seconds.

Algarve cyclist João Rodrigues, the team leader of the leader, remains in 9th place, 14 seconds.

On Saturday, the third stage includes 194.1 kilometers, massacring the corridors by the heat of the roads that connect Santarém to Castelo Branco, with 3rd and 4th category mountain counts.



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