Vieira da Silva says "this is not a clientele budget" – The Economic Journal

Vieira da Silva says "this is not a clientele budget" - The Economic Journal

The Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security said on Tuesday in the parliament that the State Budget for 2019 (OE2019) "is not a clientele budget", further stressing that the country "has an opposition in a state of denial."

In closing the general debate on the OE2019 proposal, Minister Vieira da Silva defended that "this is not a clientele budget", but rather a "budget built for the majority of workers who today have more jobs and less unemployment" and for the more fragile.

"It is a budget built for the majority, the totality of the pensioners, that has ceased to have cuts and that has passed, and continues, to increase pensions," he said.

For Vieira da Silva, the general discussion of the budget proposal in parliament showed that "the country has an opposition in a state of denial."

"The opposition insists on denying the reality of the country and the reality of the budget," the Labor Minister said in a speech widely disputed by the PSD and the CDS.

Vieira da Silva accused the right of not being able to accept "the rejection by the majority of the deputies of its program and of its government and the free choice by the clear majority" of the present Government.

"Sometimes it seems that even today, three years later, this simple democratic normality continues to disturb the deputies of the opposition," defended the ruler.

According to the minister, "this is the positive, stable and sustainable alternative in which a large majority of the Portuguese have deposited their trust and have not failed."

"The right can try to disguise, but this legislature will end with 380,000 more jobs," said Vieira da Silva, stating several measures of his tutelage, such as raising the minimum wage or updating pensions, as well as improving accounts and the exit from Portugal of the excessive deficit procedure.

"Everything contrary to what the right threatened, everything according to the one that was from the beginning our commitment with the Portuguese," he defended.

Regarding early retirement, Vieira da Silva recalled that the Government proposes by 2019 to "partially decriminalize early retirement for those who are 60 years of age and 40 years of contributory care," reaffirming that the current rules for access to the early pension will continue.

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