Vilamoura Marina assumes leadership of CIMAV and wants to "take the sail to everyone"

Vilamoura Marina assumes leadership of CIMAV and wants to "take the sail to everyone"

Taking the sail to everyone, from the youngest to the adults, passing by people with special needs, is the main goal of the program of the new direction of the International Club of the Marina of Vilamoura (CIMAV), elected last Saturday, 27th.

“Undoing the myth that sailing is a sport for only a few” is the first objective outlined by CIMAV, whose presidency of the board was assumed by Marina de Vilamoura, with Isolete Correia as its representative.

The introduction of sailing, through School Sports, in schools in the municipality of Loulé is one of the actions that CIMAV will propose to the Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Loulé.

In this strategy of “democratizing the practice of sailing”, the new direction of the Vilamoura emblem aims to streamline courses and adapted sailing practice, thus contributing to the social inclusion of the disabled.

"It is a dynamic and motivated team, with strong ties to Vilamoura and very particularly to CIMAV", said Isolete Correia, highlighting the implementation of a "new, transparent and ethical management model".

The long tradition that CIMAV has in training recreational sailors, from sailor to high-sea boss, will be further reinforced with the optimization of the training offer, corresponding to the needs of members and the general public.

The modernization of the club's facilities is another action considered a priority, as well as the strengthening of the relationship and communication with the members and the optimization of the revenues.

The Vilamoura Marina International Club was founded in 1975, one year after the opening of the Vilamoura Marina, and organizes annually the Carnival International Sailing Tournament, considered the largest sailing event at the national level, both in number of participants and in number of vessels.


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