Virtuaplay: virtual reality games and experiences have arrived in Porto to stay – Expert

Virtuaplay: virtual reality games and experiences have arrived in Porto to stay - Expert

In the heart of Porto there is a window to a new world, which opened to the public in March 2019. Virtuaplay is Invicta's first virtual reality entertainment center, but it already has ambitions to expand its concept a little bit. all over the country. The bet on virtual reality has been gaining fans across Portugal, for example in Lisbon, with Zero Latency, Lostroom and Virtua Fun offering games and experiences in this type of technology.

For Virtuaplay, the idea of ​​taking the virtual reality world to the north came in 2017, in the Escape Room boom, which led it to think of a more technological version of these challenging rooms. Having verified that there were already VR entertainment spaces in the Lisbon capital, the city decided to study the different applications of this technology in order to understand what best suited its case.

As Pedro Marques from Virtuaplay tells SAPO TEK, “After some visits to venues and exhibition fairs in Portugal and abroad, in order to test various concepts and equipment, we finally decided to move forward with the creation of Virtuaplay and with the opening of the first space in the city of Porto ”.

Virtuaplay's range of 10 playing areas includes not only Free Roam VR games such as Arizona Sunshine LB VR, where the player is transported to a zombie apocalypse in a desert setting, but also Escape-Room. in Virtual Reality, for example featuring Goblin's Quest: The Uprising, the first game of its kind in Free Roam VR, where the gamer will have to save himself and his goblin friends from a tyrant king.

In addition to the more common arcade VR games and experiences, Virtuaplay also offers Escape the Lost Pyramid and Beyond Medusa's Gate from the Assassin's Creed series, two virtual reality Escape-Room games that, nationwide, they are only in this entertainment center.

"Most people do not know what it is or have never experienced Virtual Reality and this is the biggest challenge."

According to Pedro Mendes, the commercial exploitation of VR technology, which is a relatively recent business area, presents some obstacles to its growth. According to SAPO TEK, public ignorance and the “prevalence of wrong preconceived ideas about the same technology, for example, which causes nausea or promotes social isolation” make it difficult to spread. However, he says that "as more people experience virtual reality, the easier the challenge becomes, as before with other innovative or pioneering businesses that were growing and becoming habitual."

In the future, the company wants to expand its concept to other areas of the country by opening franchised spaces, which, according to Pedro Mendes, is “easily adaptable to locations of various sizes, including those located abroad. large centers where entertainment is less and where Virtual Reality entertainment can bridge this gap, ”with an emphasis on adapting the space to be created to the characteristics of the region in question, such as its size or consumption profile of its population.

Northern fans of virtual reality entertainment can pique their curiosity and take a bounce to Virtuaplay where Free Roam and Escape Room VR multiplayer games, the ones that are most in demand by the public in the words of Pedro Mendes, are in the top 5 and the 20 euros per person, depending on the title. Virtuaplay's entire offer can be found on its website, and those who visit your Facebook can also get to know the various pastimes of the company.

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