Vítor Oliveira: "Gil Vicente is the most difficult project of my career"

Vítor Oliveira: "Gil Vicente is the most difficult project of my career"

Football coach Vítor Oliveira said today in Matosinhos that Gil Vicente may be "the most difficult project" of his career, since he will start "from scratch and need, roughly, 20 players."

Vítor Oliveira spoke to the media at the end of the public ceremony in which he was awarded by the local authority with the Medal of Sports Merit, a distinction that the municipal executive approved a week ago, unanimously.

Luísa Salgueiro, the mayor of Luanda, said that the technician had always remained connected to the county that saw him born 65 years ago, despite a professional course of almost 35 years that led him to work in different parts of the country.

"It is very special to be honored by the Chamber of my country and a reason for pride. It is an unforgettable day," said Vítor Oliveira when he answered the journalists, still with the medal attached to the right lapel of the coat he wore.

Asked if the tribute is worth more than a division, a specialty in which he was notable and this season achieved for the 11th time, now in the service of Paços de Ferreira, the coach retorted that "are completely different things" .

The coach then analyzed his next project, Gil Vicente, who went up directly from the Portuguese Championship to the I Liga, considering him "perhaps the most difficult" that he passed through.

"Gil Vicente's project will start from scratch. I think it's unheard of in Portuguese football, but we're working so hard, so we can build a team that can achieve our goals, which is fundamentally to keep us in the I League, "he said.

Gil Vicente, he pointed out, "needs roughly 20 players", something that the coach considers "practically unheard of" in Portugal, but that the credibility and the coach's curriculum can facilitate.

"I believe that my name can help some players to accept this very heavy challenge that will be keeping Gil Vicente in the I Liga," said Vítor Oliveira.

The task will not be easy because "the market is expensive at the moment, but in three or four weeks it will be substantially altered," because in his view, "some players begin to lose the first chance of going outside and to make big contracts and to fall into reality. "

At that time, the coach believes that "players will appear" for the challenging project of the Barcelos club, where he worked in the seasons 2001/02 and 2002/03.

Vítor Oliveira also explained that what attracted him to Gil Vicente was the "incentive" to be a project with a "high degree of difficulty", because, he argued, "he needed a more difficult challenge" to motivate himself.

Gil Vicente, of the Portuguese Championship, will be reinstated in the next season in the main stage, as a result of the Mateus case.

The Barcelos club was relegated to the II League in the 2006/07 season, due to an alleged irregularity in the use of Mateus, currently advanced in Boavista, and the Portuguese Professional Football League (LPFP) announced its reintegration in the I League on December 12, 2017 , following a decision of the Administrative Court of the Lisbon Circle in 2016.

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