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The Assembly of the Republic approved Wednesday, two votes of praise to the University of Algarve (UAlg), presented by the PSD and PS, BE, PCP and PEV, but the Socialists accused the Social Democrats of trying to "falsify history ".

The parliamentary initiative endorsed by PS, BE, PCP and PEV was unanimously approved, welcoming "the rector of the University of Algarve (UAlg), current and former teachers, current and former students for their relevant work in the formation and knowledge of the Algarve, the Algarve and Portugal "within the 40 years of the institution.

The vote of praise of the PSD, approved by all the party forces with the exception of the PS, who voted against, paid "a tribute to the singularity" of UAlg being the only institution of higher education created by the Assembly of the Republic.

"A turbulent process, against the intentions of the government at the time, described, and well, by the president of the Assembly of the Republic as 'an act of rebellion', initiative of the parliamentary group of the PPD / PSD, authored by José Vitorino, Cristóvão Norte , Sousa Franco, Sérvulo Correia, Pedro Roseta and Barbosa de Melo, which, after two years, already in 1979, culminated in unanimous approval, "said the PSD.

In a statement, PS members regret that the Social Democrats used UAlg's birthday "for the usual populism that has been a mark of that party in the current election campaign."

In a statement of vote, announced by the deputy elected by the Algarve Luís Graça, the Socialists recalled that "the University of Algarve belongs to everyone."

"When the University of the Algarve decides to celebrate in Lisbon, in the Assembly of the Republic, its 40 years, assuming at national level a set of projects of future what does the PSD? It decides to go back 42 years to falsify the history, being arrogantly arrogant, it is only due to itself its creation ", reads in the explanation of vote.

The socialist parliamentary group affirms that it is a "recurrent" position, recalling the absence of the PSD in the recent ceremony of commemoration of the 10 years of the medical course of UAlg, held in Loulé.

"When the rector of the University of Algarve decides to celebrate the 10 years of the medical course and the completion of the training of the specialty of the first masters in medicine, first in Portimão and then in Loulé, what does the PSD? A communiqué declaring that they refuse to participate in the celebrations because they do not take place in Faro, "underline the Socialists, guaranteeing that they do not need" to change history to make themselves noticed ".



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