Voting on Fernando Haddad "goes beyond ideals, became a matter of survival" – The Economic Journal

Voting on Fernando Haddad "goes beyond ideals, became a matter of survival" - The Economic Journal

Danielle Machado is a native of Santos, on the coast of the state of São Paulo, and has the decision to vote long ago: he will vote for the Labor Party and is convinced that Fernando Haddad is the best solution for Brazil. The 35-year-old lawyer explained exclusively to Jornal Económico why she gives preference to the candidate of the Workers Party to the presidency of Brazil and what separates her from Jair Bolsonaro. Despite acknowledging the merits of the candidate who replaced Lula da Silva in the struggle for the PT 'Planalto' race, Danielle admits that "many Haddad supporters are only for fear of electing the Bolsonaro, the eminent dictatorship, the end of democracy" .

Why will you vote for Fernando Haddad in these elections?

Firstly, because he is the candidate whose proposals most closely approximate my political and moral convictions. Fernando is a university professor, a bachelor's degree in law, a master's degree in economics and a doctorate in philosophy. He was minister of education with great achievements and was elected the best mayor of Latin America with his administration in the city of São Paulo. The program of government that it presents benefits the underprivileged, the working class and I believe it is a determining factor for the development of Brazil.

There is an idea in Portugal that the Workers Party has wasted a huge opportunity to put Brazil on a different footing than it is today. Is this idea correct or is it far from reality?

It was proved that the PT government promoted great social advances, took Brazil out of the map of poverty and poverty, created quotas in universities, reduced illiteracy rates and, comparing Brazil from 2002 to 2016, it is clear the consolidated progress . However, I acknowledge that the Government has made some mistakes and unfortunately the national media have given more importance to the mistakes than to the correct ones, contributing to President Dilma's impeachment and hatred against the party, which will probably lead Jair Bolsonaro to victory.

Is your vote in Haddad by conviction of the candidate or is it a vote against Bolsonaro? Do you feel that there are many supporters of Haddad who are mainly anti-Bolsonaro?

My vote is for conviction, for believing in the program of government and in its ideals. Haddad has a democratic project, and the other candidate denies democracy. I believe that the many supporters of Haddad are only for fear of the Bolsonaro election, the eminent dictatorship, the end of democracy. In my opinion, voting for Haddad now goes beyond ideals, it has become a matter of survival.

What policies does Haddad defend that may be important for the future of Brazil?

Haddad has projects to regain national and popular sovereignty, affirming the rights of workers, women, blacks, indigenous people and LGBTIs from all regions of the country. Its government plan aims at a banking reform, with more accessible and fair credit, promises strong investment in health and education, is committed to zero deforestation, is in favor of reducing the use of chemicals, agrarian reform, investment in the state.

Do you feel that an eventual victory of Bolsonaro brings risks to Brazil? What are the risks?

Yes, Jair Bolsonaro is authoritarian and defends torture, the military dictatorship, the end of democracy, is in favor of the armament of the population. His speech reveals that the different must be eliminated and makes it clear that women, blacks, gays and Indians are worth less than other citizens. His hate speech has legitimized several acts of violence and death and I believe that this will be enhanced if Bolsonaro is elected president of Brazil.

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