"War of the Thrones" returns this dawn for its final season

"War of the Thrones" returns this dawn for its final season

The saga that emerged from George R. R. Martin's five books has seen 67 episodes showcase, which received 128 Emmy nominations, of which 47 were winning, earning record-breaking ratings at the end of last season.

Also on the Internet the series was a success, even if not in legal terms: the seventh season was the target of billions of downloads and views on "pirate" sites, according to the company MUSO, which monitors digital infringements to entertainment companies .

The series was HBO's most expensive production ever, in particular the season that begins today: each episode cost an estimated $ 15 million (13.3 million euros), according to Variety.

The shortest of the six episodes of the eighth season will be the first, with 54 minutes, according to HBO, extending up to 80 minutes in each of the last two, that is, to prowl the duration of a film.

A never-ending saga in Martin's books, which should conclude it to the seventh volume, "The War of Thrones" has created dedicated fan communities not only by the narrative involving multiple families in a fantasy setting with dragons in the mix, but also by the high probability death of the most relevant characters.

According to a study published last December in the academic journal Injury Epidemiology by two researchers at Macquarie University in Australia, the mortality rate among the 330 characters accounted for was 56.4%.

The Washington Post, however, has made a broader accounting for all the deaths that occurred in the series, going image by image. The death toll in the seven seasons was 2,339.

"The War of the Thrones" is shown in Portugal on SyFy and HBO Portugal, at 02:00 on Monday, along with the broadcast in the United States.

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