"We are dependent on Europe. Diversifiquemos our exports "- The Economic Newspaper

The president of the CIP – Business Confederation of Portugal defended on Wednesday that Portugal needs to combat the competitiveness and productivity deficit and (re) qualify its workers. António Saraiva also reinforced the idea that in Portugal there is an absence of an investment friendly tax policy and proposed that the country focus on other markets to export.

"We are very dependent on Europe, an economic region that faces its problems," he warned, about the fact that the European bloc represents 75% of the goods and services purchased by the country. "It is sensible that we look at other geographies and diversify our exports," he advised.

For the bosses' representative, there are a number of external threats, which have implications for international trade, and they potentiate geographical tensions. "Europe wants to convey to us two aspects: the superficial – where everything seems to be right – and the real – lack of strategy, breakdown, crisis of values ​​and retrogression of the European project. Brexit is the most visible side of this setback and has effects on our exports because the UK is our main service market, "he said.

Regarding the European elections, António Saraiva said that abstention is a "disease that affects democracy" and, in this last scrutiny, gave a signal of what could happen in the legislative elections next October. "The political parties have closed on themselves, closing in internally, ceasing to be the engines of society. It is worrying for democracy and for Portugal, "he criticized.

Under the theme "Companies, entrepreneurs / managers and their future challenges", the president of CIP – Business Confederation of Portugal addresses this Wednesday at the International Club of Portugal's lunch debate at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Lisbon.

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