"We are handed over to an irresponsible group, they do not know what the dignity of the state is." The most significant phrases of Freitas do Amaral – The Economic Journal

“Don't worry, if this time we could only campaign in half of the country and we had 7.6%, next time we will be able to go everywhere and we will have twice the vote”

Freitas do Amaral's observation to Adelino Amaro da Costa in the aftermath of the first free elections in Portugal in April 1975

“It may be imperialism, hegemony, colonialism, protectorate, but what we have is a dictatorship of two heads of state or government to rule in dozens of countries”

In November 2011, the former Foreign Minister accuses France and Germany of leading the European Union against democratic principles.

“We are committed to a group of irresponsible people who do not know what it is to govern a country, do not know what the dignity of the state is and do not know the most basic rules of democracy (…). They know nothing, they do everything badly ”

In 2013, after Paulo Portas irrevocably resigned from the government led by Pedro Passos Coelho

“No one betrayed anyone. We can all look at each other, talk to each other and greet each other without any embarrassment or distrust. We remain brothers, although separated. That is to say: separated, but brothers ”

This is how Freitas do Amaral ended his testimony in the book “CDS – 40 years of service to Portugal”, published in 2015

“Or talk about economics and finances to say it's all wrong, which people realize is a lie. Just the other day, I heard one of these parties say that, looking back, everything is worse than four years ago. Obviously it is not, and it is not with these phrases that you get there. ”

In July 2015, Diogo Freitas do Amaral criticized the Portuguese right, in an interview with Lusa

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