“We are not nursery boys”

“We are not nursery boys”

Farense's president, João Rodrigues, expressed today, in a press conference, the club's “feeling of revolt” against refereeing in the 1st soccer league. “We are not nursery school boys. What is happening is not beautiful ”, he said.

After the defeat with Moreirense (1-2), the manager went to the press room to complain that the club has not been treated “equitably, as equals”, since the beginning of the season.

In question, in this Monday's match, there is the penalty awarded by Tomás Tavares and an entry by Ibrahima on Madi Queta for a red card – the referee was alerted by the VAR, went to see the images but decided to keep the yellow.

“We don't understand why, but there is a very strong perception on our side that, in the same or similar situations, we are consistently penalized,” said João Rodrigues.

The leader of the emblem, 18th and last classified in the I League, said that the squad "is immensely sad, angry, but not bent".

“They won't bend us. We will fight and we will succeed, against everything and against everyone ”, he guaranteed, assuring that there is“ no war, or anything similar ”, against any referee.

“It is an extremely difficult function and one that we respect a lot. But we are also not nursery school children, who do not understand what is happening. And what is happening is not beautiful. We feel harmed, we feel that we are not being respected and that is not acceptable ”, he continued.

For João Rodrigues, all dubious moves have been decided against Farense. “What I think, and anyone with common sense will find the same thing, is that during a season there are mistakes that happen against and in favor of a team. Unfortunately for Farense, it is 99%, if not 100% of errors, against Farense. It is a very strange thing. ”


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