"We had a lot of people out here and we keep…" – Miguel Piedade / Infraquinta

"We had a lot of people out here and we keep…" - Miguel Piedade / Infraquinta

As announced in the first part Miguel Piedade, president of the board of directors of Infraquinta – Infrastructure Company of Quinta do Lago, EM., admits that “Nothing will be like before, but in a long time, we may, in a while, return to have confidence and our normal activities again, spend holidays, go to hotels and restaurants as we did before…”.

Miguel Piedade revealed that the golf courses have already opened and “The services are also opening, the law firms, I have been receiving information that they are opening, even with the face-to-face service closed, we are already suspecting it, we do not have the face-to-face service yet…”

As for the opening of the beach, the Infraquinta administrator admitted that “It is not a headache, but a concern, we have to create some routines to go, also promoting some actions to give confidence to people that the sites can be used and that they are ready and able for the person to be able to enjoy them, in in terms of cleanliness, in terms of disinfection, we have a plan prepared for this situation… ”

Miguel Piedade revealed that the pandemic came and delayed the plans that were outlined, “We had five projects underway that we decided to suspend…” but said that “Together with the contractors they are already being taken over…”. Further reflected that "This issue of telecommuting, maybe it's worth thinking …".

Finally, Miguel Piedade left a message to the Algarve and all those who visit us, especially those who visit Quinta do Lago, starting by saying that “I can't help sending a message of confidence, it is possible to return to our normal, a new normality, maintaining some care, focus and concentration on small things. We had a lot of people out here and we still have… ” adding that “The Algarve and Loulé, in particular, maintained a very good image…”.


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