“We have the balance due to the financial health of the Municipality”

“We have the balance due to the financial health of the Municipality”

In an exclusive interview with diariOnline South Region newspaper, Ana Paula Martins, Mayor of Tavira, having passed a year of pandemic, passed a situation and a brief assessment, recognizing that there were complicated moments, especially the situation of the 30 agricultural workers and in a home where, regrettably, 13 people died.

Today the situation is under control, but it can never be overlooked that the virus is invisible and can spread from one moment to the next and compromise all the efforts that have been made, not only by people but also by the municipality, especially in supporting the most fragile, families and businesses, support that is being prepared to continue.

"The pandemic made us change everything we had planned …" clarifies the Tavilian mayor about what the pandemic forced to change in relation to the course set out at the beginning of the mandate. On the support granted and the loss of revenue, more than two million euros, and more than 1 million euros, respectively, Ana Paula Martins reveals that "We have achieved balance, as a result of the financial health of the Municipality."

"The priority for the next mandates will be the people …"

In the second part of this interview, Ana Paula Martins, who is the current candidate for the Chamber for a new term, after recalling her career in the Municipality, stressed that “The consequences of this health crisis, the social and economic impacts, will make us even more focused on people…” reinforcing that "The priority of the next mandates will be the people …"

About the program in time it will be revealed, however the candidate said that one of the priorities will be to solve the lack of housing in the county, for which there is already an agreement with the IHRU. The construction of various infrastructures in the municipality, in various areas, is another of the promises, as well as accessibility to the interior, the requalification of the school network facilities and health equipment in the municipality.

Ana Paula Martins argues that European funds, including from the PRR, "they have to be used very well, to leverage private investment, contributing to the establishment of young people, especially the qualified ones, in the municipality and in the region."


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