“We need to prevent Bolsonaros” in parliament, calls for Joacine Moreira – O Jornal Económico

The head of Livre's list for Lisbon in the legislative elections, Joacine Katar Moreira, said today that it is necessary to “prevent Bolsonaros” in parliament, comparing André Ventura, from Chega, to the Brazilian President.

“We need to avoid Bolsonaros” in Portugal, Joacine Katar Moreira told Lusa, in front of Queluz train station, Sintra municipality, Lisbon district, where she received the declared support of some popular ones.

Compared with the President of Brazil, Livre's candidate considered that “Bolsonaro is a very similar example to André Ventura's here”, arguing that both “are completely populist individuals, with an undemocratic perspective, but they are individuals who also have no program For the country".

“What is at stake is this: it is to strengthen democracy in Portugal. And to strengthen democracy is to strengthen the left, ”said the historian, classifying the other parties that are in the struggle with the Free for a seat in parliament as“ right-wing parties, some of them completely undemocratic ”.

Joacine Katar Moreira recalled that if Livre did not enter parliament, "this would mean that a right-wing party has entered, with a view that does not matter at the present time."

Regarding contact with the population, the candidate said she has felt “immense interest and even some euphoria” during the election campaign, and believes that she will be elected “inevitably”.

“Everyone was used to the grayness of politics. Suddenly someone comes that they and they never imagined would be on television, would be in a debate, would be the number one candidate and so on, ”he said.

Regarding the criticism she has been receiving on social networks about her stuttering, the candidate said it is something that should "reflect", even talking about the spread of "fake news".

“A few weeks ago, the idea was tried that the fact that I stutter was a hindrance to the exercise of parliamentary functions. The rhetoric was rather reducing, excluding and discriminating someone with my qualifications, with my history, because of the way I speak, ”he said.

Then the attacks changed, aiming at the veracity of the stutter, pointed the candidate for Lisboa do Livre.

“When they began to realize that for the Portuguese it is not the way of speaking that is important, but the ideas, the goals, the intentions, then suddenly what was initially being used as something that could move away from a seat parliamentarian, began to be called into question,

During the Queluz ruin, Joacine Katar Moreira was mainly meeting people who declared her support for the Free, and repeatedly called for “friends, sisters, aunts” to vote on Sunday, but also undecided voters or with the vote already attributed to other parties.

"If I had nowhere to vote, I would vote for myself," said Manuela Rodrigues, an elector who declared her support for the CDU, assuring the Free candidate she would nevertheless be "very pleased if elected."

“Either I enter or André Ventura enters,” answered Joacine Katar Moreira.

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