“We will dialogue with the PS Government”, says Deputy of Livre – The Economic Journal

Livre guarantees that he is willing to dialogue with the Government of António Costa. The left-wing party was the first to be visited by the PS delegation during the Antonio Costa business marathon that is taking place this Wednesday, October 9th.

“This was the beginning of a dialogue that we considered absolutely necessary on the left. We greatly appreciate the visit of the Prime Minister ”, began by saying the deputy elected by the Free, Joacine Katar Moreira, alongside the party leader, Rui Tavares.

“There is absolutely a need for convergence [à esquerda], and we defend and we are available to participate in a union on the left ”, guaranteed.

"We will contribute, negotiate and dialogue with the objective that this Executive fulfills the four years of the legislature," said Joacine Katar Moreira.

For his part, António Costa assured that there is a “working camp” between the PS and Joacine's party and does not expect Livre to reject the Government program. “If there is no bilateral agreement, we will work on each of the initiatives presented by the Government and the Free proposals”, namely the State budgets and a new Green new deal.

"What I take from what has been said is that it is not the intention of the Free to file a motion rejecting the Government and that during those four years the Government gives no reason to file a motion of censure," said the Prime Minister. Minister, this morning.

Then, the delegation of the PS will visit the PAN, led by André Silva who elected four deputies.

In the afternoon, the PS team will meet with The Greens at 2:30 pm, the PCP at 4 pm and the Left Block at 6 pm.

The PS negotiating committee is composed of António Costa, Carlos Cesar, Ana Catarina Mendes and Duarte Cordeiro, the Observer said. For the Left Block, the team consists of Catarina Martins, Pedro Filipe Soares, Mariana Mortágua and Jorge Costa.

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