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Brazilian writer Álvaro Filho debuts in Portugal with a novel and a short story - Showbiz

On the 15th, Clara Haddad presents the book "Dust of the Stars" and the musician Sérgio Godinho announces the book "Stockholm". The writers Rui Zink and Ana Saragoça, the musician Sérgio Godinho and the journalist Mário Augusto will address the theme "Written word, word dictated", preceded by a concert in honor of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen.

The following day, Sandro William Junqueira talks about his children's book "The Words That Fled from the Dictionary" and João Manuel Ribeiro, who also writes for the children's audience, presents his book "Dédalo, the world's greatest inventor and mythology".

The program ends today with a round table, in which former Justice Minister Álvaro Laborinho Lúcio and the writers António Tavares, finalist of the 2013 Leya Prize, Arlindo Oliveira, João Rasteiro, finalist of the Leya Prize 2012 and the Glória Prize Sant'Ana 2017 and 2018, and Pedro Vieira.

On the 17th, it is the turn of the meeting with researcher Carlos Fiolhais, the writers Filipe Homem Fonseca, Regina Guimarães and Ana Cristina Silva, who will talk about "the letters of science and the science of letters", on a day when there is also a concert of homage to Jorge de Sena.

The festival closes on the 18th with a round table with the writers Patrícia Portela, Raquel Patriarca, Filipa Melo, Afonso Reis Cabral and José Viale Moutinho, and a concert talk with the musician Carlão.

In the middle, the festival also features a book fair, with the "Re-create narratives" training for teachers, poetry and storytelling sessions, concerts, book presentations, shadow theater and the launch of a collection with the winning stories of the last four editions of the West Books Prize.

The program also includes exhibitions, such as the illustrations show by Anabela Dias, responsible for the illustrations of Clara Haddad's "Powder of Stars".

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