What are the planes that will cost the Government € 827 million? – The Economic Journal

What are the five KC-390's for?

These airplanes will serve to transport personnel and merchandise, but also for search and rescue operations, in-flight refueling or forest firefighting. The five aircraft will replace the 40-year-old Hercules C-130 fleet and are already at their age limit.

When do the planes arrive in Portugal?

According to the Minister of Defense, João Gomes Cravinho, airplanes begin arriving from February 2023, at a rate of one per year until 2027.

What is included in the 827 million euros spent by the Government?

The acquisition cost of the KC-390 already includes the flight simulator, which is required for pilots to get used to flying this aircraft, as well as maintenance contracts for 12 years.

How does the Government justify the purchase of these planes?

The Defense Minister praised the "innovative features" of the Embraer aircraft with an "intercontinental reach." The new aircraft respond to the "permanent needs of the country".

What are the features of the KC-390?

Despite having only two engines, this model achieves performances similar to similar aircraft with four engines.

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