What if ESA invited you to share your passion for space? – Expert

What if ESA invited you to share your passion for space? - Expert

Researchers, scientists, astronomers, astronauts and ordinary citizens have in the European Space Talks the opportunity to show the common enthusiasm for Space.

Considering that Space is for everyone, ESA invites all members of the European space community to participate in the European Space Talks, an initiative that wants to bring companies, institutions, schools and all citizens together in sessions of various formats to discuss a common issue : the space.

Since the goal is to create spaces for sharing experiences and learning, as well as to address various topics, anyone can be a Space Ambassador and organize a #SpaceTalk. You only have to define a program and register it on the website.

Featuring researchers and scientists, astronauts and those who have only an amateur relationship with space, the initiative has more than 70 events available.

Registered participants may also participate in the #SpaceSelfie contest and have the chance to win a trip to the European space port in Kourou, French Guiana.

In Portugal, #SpaceTalks have the support of the Foundation for Science and Technology that will make available on their website a calendar of scheduled activities.

For now, an event is planned for November 10, in Tomar, and on the 24th, in the Lisbon Astronomical Observatory and in the Planetarium of Porto.

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