"What impact will budgets have until 2028?" PS deputy questions Rui Rio – The Economic Journal

There is a new "generation of 70" that is taking political power in Portugal - The Economic Journal

The deputy André Pinotes Batista, of the Socialist Party, questioned Rui Rio this Friday through the Twitter social network on the complete replacement of frozen time for teachers. This socialist deputy left two questions about this replacement: "If it were Government, what was the timetable for the replacement of the 9 years, 4 months and 2 days that I was going to adopt?" And "What impact would the principle voted yesterday have on each financial year up to 2028? "

The prime minister, António Costa, called for an extraordinary meeting of political coordination of the Government on Friday morning after having approved in the Parliamentary Commission of Education and Science the integral recovery of the time of service of the teachers.

Socialist deputy Porfirio Silva said at the end of the parliamentary committee's session that "this is wanting to destroy all the work of building a legislature".

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