"What reason is there to invest in Portugal? Talent "- The Economic Journal

"What reason is there to invest in Portugal? Talent "- The Economic Journal

The president of Aicep (Portuguese Agency for Foreign Investment and Trade) considers Portugal a safe country, good for work, doing business and investing, but above all a nation where professionals are highly qualified. According to him, the unemployment rate at 6.7% shows that there is still room to recruit people.

"What reasons is there to invest in Portugal? Talent talent talent. Portugal has a pool of extremely talented people. If they want to hire Portuguese they will see that they speak English like me or even better. Young people learn many languages ​​because they enjoy working in a global world, which is a competitive advantage, "said Luís Castro Henriques on Thursday.

The economist was one of the speakers at the 30th international convention of M & A Worldwide, which is taking place in Lisbon, not sparing praise from Portugal: "It has good access to countries that speak and make quality life possible. We are the closest Atlantic country to the United States, a member of the United Nations and one of the 30 best countries to do business. "

To the audience of businessmen and investors, Luís Castro Henriques explained that security is an advantage, at a time of instability all over the world and often "closer than we think". That is why, in his opinion, the country has received more and more centers of shared services and engineering, by multinational technological companies, like BMW, Daimler, Google or Siemens.

"What I would like to highlight is the diversity of sectors and nationalities in the M & A transactions that we have seen in Portugal. The country they imagined before this conference, of sun and wine, is more than that, it is highly innovative ", assured, in his speech at this event, organized in partnership with Fingest and of which the Economic Journal is media partner.

The president of Aicep also confessed that when he speaks to international audiences and asks: "What do you think is our most exporting sector?", The respondents usually respond to tourism, for example. "It's the car. We have very competitive machinery, "he stressed, also stressing the increasingly 'green' electricity production (52% renewable).

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