what the decree-law says about the distribution of fuels – The Jornal Económico

Civil requisition is a legal mechanism created by Decree-Law No. 637/74 which explains that it is a measure with “exceptional character”, which may “have as its object the provision of services, individually or collectively, the transfer of movable or non-movable property. , the temporary use of any goods, public services and public mixed or private enterprises ”.

Basically, this legal instrument “comprises the set of measures determined by the Government necessary to ensure, in particularly serious circumstances, the proper functioning of essential services of public interest or vital sectors of the national economy”.

The distribution of fuels is one of the activities that may be the subject of civil requisition. According to Decree-Law No. 637/71, “the exploration, processing and distribution of fuels to ensure the supply of industry in general or public transport of any kind” justifies that the Government decrees the civil requisition.

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