White Card Revelation Award crowns “excellent work” by AFA sports agents

White Card Revelation Award crowns “excellent work” by AFA sports agents

The recent assignment of the White Card Revelation Award to the Algarve Football Association (AFA) crowns the "excellent job" that the entire football and futsal family in the region has done, said the institution's leader.

“It is the crowning achievement of an excellent job that all the sports agents of football and futsal in the region have developed in recent years and particularly in the last season, in which, in their debut year, in the Benjamin division, several white cards were shown to athletes, coaches and managers for their exemplary gestures on the field, ”said Reinaldo Teixeira, president of the AFA, in a statement.

The distinction to the AFA, related to the 2019/2020 season, came within the scope of the White Card Awards, attributed by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ), through the National Plan for Ethics in Sport (PNED), and by the Confederation of Judge Associations and Arbitrators of Portugal (CAJAP).

The director reiterated that "the fairplay" of the Algarve agents is not limited to the playing fields, where they manage to be simultaneously tough and competitive ".

"These are ethical values ​​that accompany them in their daily lives, in training, in sports infrastructures, in changing rooms and in the relationship, of respect and elevation, that they maintain with the association", continued the leader of the AFA.

Reinaldo Teixeira also highlighted “the dedication and constructive posture of the governing bodies, managers, coaches, players and all the elements that make up the structure of the clubs, who tirelessly fight daily for the development of their collectives and, consequently, the modalities in the region, without ever forgetting the referees who welcomed the white card initiative so well and who applied it so well ”.

On the other hand, the mission of the Algarve Football Association also involves “encouraging its clubs to maintain good treatment and welcoming behavior, valuing the good attitudes of its agents, whether in the Algarve, in the rest of the country or anywhere in the world where football or futsal is practiced ”.

Leaving the spas minimally tidy – as is already the practice of some clubs that demonstrate very good examples, which the AFA expects to be gradually applied by all its members and by the large sports community -, to know how to behave properly in defeats and recognize the merit of opponents in these moments, for example, "are values ​​that should guide us always and in any circumstance", said the leader, highlighting "the commitment, involvement and dynamism" of the regional director of the IPDJ, Custódio Moreno, to increase the sports practice and to encourage good practices ”.

For Sérgio Piscarreta, president of the AF Algarve referee board, the distinction “is the confirmation of the excellent work carried out by everyone, which greatly values ​​what is our football, which we love so much”.

“I said at the White Card presentation ceremony at the Association that this would be a small step for AF Algarve in the fight for fairplay, but above all, a big step for football. And we are not mistaken on the path we want to follow in favor of better football, with respect for all. In all our training activities, the promotion of ethical values ​​is and will always be present. We are aware that this will always be continuous work, but we are focused and committed ”, he concluded.


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