Who was the first female member of a government? – The Economic Journal

Who was the first female member of a government? - The Economic Journal

Born in Angola in 1929, the Law graduate with a 16-year average had already headed the BNU Economic and Financial Studies office when Marcello Caetano appointed her to the position of Undersecretary of State for Health and Care. This turned out to be one of the signs of the call marcelista spring, since during four decades Salazar never called no woman to participate in the government of the nation.

On August 20, 1970, the evening "The Capital" reported the appointment of Maria Teresa Cárcomo Lobo to the Executive of Caetano. "A lady, for the first time, a member of the Government," was the title. She remained in office until July 1973.

Amongst the parliamentary interventions were the participation in the discussion of the draft law of the Fourth Development Plan, the presentation of an application requesting various information related to the action of the Commissariat of Government of State Affairs of India and a concerning the protection and protection of animals.

He also participated in the debate, in the specialty, of the proposed law on transplantation of tissues or organs of living people. Later, he went to live in Brazil after the April Revolution, where he continued his professional activity; was Federal Judge in January, and retired in 1999.

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