Will it be easy to repair the new MacBook Pro 15 Touch Bar 2019? IFixit says no – Computers

Will it be easy to repair the new MacBook Pro 15 Touch Bar 2019? IFixit says no - Computers

The iFixit repair specialist has a long history of dismantling Apple laptops and being baffled by how computer components are fixed with glue, making them very difficult to remove without damaging them. If on the latest MacBook Air technicians pointed out welded parts that could not be replaced, deserving a 3 in 10 overall score, the new MacBook Pro 15 Touch Bar 2019 the verdict was still lower …

The expert highlights the speed of Apple's new laptop, referring to the optional eight-core processor as the first in the MacBook line. But what piqued iFixit's curiosity was the keyboard and its infamous butterfly-shaped keys.

At first glance, the equipment offered a structure similar to the previous models in the access to the interior components. The company says the computer does not have any modeling elements, which prevents users from upgrading in the future. However, the repair specialist points out that the keys have a silicone membrane that covers the "butterfly" mechanism that prevents dust and sand from jamming its operation. The previous problem was apparently rectified.

Overall, in its final considerations, iFixit only stresses that the trackpad can be removed and replaced without difficulty. The other components, namely the processor, RAM and flash memory are soldered to the motherboard, preventing any repair or replacement. The components that comprise the keyboard, the top cover, batteries, speakers and the Touch Bar are glued together, making it impractical to remove them to replace them.

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In the end the score was 1 point out of 10, prompting the company to conclude that Apple continues to make it difficult for users to repair or upgrade their notebook components.

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