Will LG bring folding screen smartphone to IFA? – Equipment

Will LG bring folding screen smartphone to IFA? - Equipment

Smartphones with folding screens were touted as one of the big tech trends of 2019, but by August, only one manufacturer launched a device, and neither was one of the big ones: Royole FlexPai, a Chinese company that is a kind of industry outsider. . Samsung will launch its Galaxy Fold in September after problems have been resolved, and even Huawei has been wary of the dates of its Mate X. Then there are companies like Xiaomi, Oppo and Lenovo (Motorola) that have already revealed that working on your technologies. And also LG.

LG has revealed in its invitation to the IFA the presence of a folding screen or dual screen smartphone, the system is unknown. What is certain is that the animation simulates a kind of Pac-Man game, until the puppet jumps from one screen to another, in a kind of GPS map to Berlin, where IFA is held, catching the attention of the participants with “Save the Date”, pointing September 6 at 10:00 am for a smartphone presentation.

However, whether it is a dual screen or folding device, it does not mean that the technology is flexible. Incidentally, it was LG's global communications officer himself, Ken Hong, who said that “there are no smartphones with flexible displays in our immediate plans,” according to Digital Trends. Plans can thus be kept in line with the special cover that adds an optional second screen, such as the V50 ThinQ, which SAPO TEK had the opportunity to try out at the latest MWC.

This peripheral is designed to help with multitasking tasks, and looking closely at the teasing video, it is precisely this message that seems to be passing: to be playing, and next to have other applications such as the map. What may appear is an improved version of the system, or even some kind of factory integration on the smartphone that discards the accessory.

One of the complaints of the V50 is that to see simple notifications it was necessary to open the equipment. While in the invitation video, the date and time of the event, shown on a small display and with a small illuminated click, may indicate that the manufacturer has reviewed the system.

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