Will skyr yogurts be the healthiest? Get all the weights – Weight and Nutrition

Will skyr yogurts be the healthiest? Get all the weights - Weight and Nutrition

The story goes that the yogurt skyr is a fermented dairy product that the Vikings will have taken to Iceland in the Middle Ages. Due to its high protein content, it is one of the most talked about healthy options at the moment. It is a virtually fat-free, low-calorie yogurt, but has twice the protein of ordinary lean yogurt.

Of creamy consistency and with a mild flavor, it exists in a natural version (slightly sour) and flavored with fruits (raspberry, blueberry, peach and passion fruit, among others). The options with aromas have about 1% more sugar, notes the association of consumer protection.

Nutritionist Ana Rita Lopes of the Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa explains that the "skyr is a very versatile food that can be added fruit, compote and used in smoothies and sauces", besides this type of yogurt to differentiate itself from other dairy products "because of its high content protein and low lipid value. "

Common Questions and Doubts

Can anyone consume? Deco says that the skyr can be consumed by everyone, as long as there is no lactose intolerance or allergy to any of its ingredients.

Does skyr yogurt have even more protein? Deco compared the skyr sold on Lidl, Continente and Jumbo with quark cheese, natural Greek yogurt and ordinary natural yogurt sold in the same supermarkets. In protein values, the skyr stands out, followed by the quark cheese. Of all products, only ordinary natural yogurts have fewer calories than the skyr.

Does skyr sate more appetite? Skyr yogurt is produced with higher amounts of milk than is necessary to make a natural yogurt.

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