Will teledildonics and virtual reality change the way we have sex? – Sex

Will teledildonics and virtual reality change the way we have sex? - Sex

For many, it is a distant future, but in practice, offers and devices follow. "I believe they can change the way we self-stimulate," says Vânia Beliz, a sexologist who answers this and other questions.

There are experts who guarantee that by 2050 there will be more people having sex with robots than with other people. Matt McMullen, managing director of an android manufacturing company, is convinced that these soulless creatures can help humans improve sexual aptitudes. Vânia Beliz, a sexologist and author of "Ponto quê? – Pleasure in the Feminine", published by the publisher Objectiva, comments on the subject.

What is the basis of virtual sex?

The constant search for pleasure. People want to have sex and social networks have appeared where they almost do not want to know each other's names. Suddenly, there are a number of tools that give way to more impulsive behaviors, to rule breaking.

Will teledildonics and virtual reality change the way we have sex?

I believe that they can change the way we self-stimulate because there are several fantasies that people have difficulty performing with their partner. The virtual reality will serve to do something that is not within our reach, day to day. For example, experiencing being with someone of another race or ethnicity, in a scenario that the person idealizes …

Is there a danger that these technologies will isolate people?

They favor more distanced behaviors. I think they can isolate the human being and exonerate him. From the moment we come to think that what matters is immediate satisfaction … It scares the banalization of sex, because it is a supposedly intimate behavior, with characteristics that make it a special thing for the people who practice it.

Are so many individuals to prefer virtual sex?

I do not believe that virtual reality will replace the relationship between human beings. That would be bad from the point of view of reproduction. But there are many individuals who can not relate to others, as well as people who are not so easy to partner with, and these technologies can help.

Will there still be intimacy?

Intimacy is a comprehensive concept. This comes to create another type of intimacy, different from the one we experience when we relate to the human being.

Ideas for those who are still not convinced of the possibility of sex with robots

Most of the Portuguese continue to prefer traditional sex. However, many experts suggest that in order to combat the routine, one needs to vary and innovate. If the idea of ​​coproducing with androids is far from being in your plans, we suggest a series of more or less conventional positions that you should resort to to diversify your sex life.

Text: Filipa Basílio da Silva with Luis Batista Gonçalves (online edition)

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