Windward invaded by VENTANIA

Wind reaches the windward Algarve

Originally designed for World Water Day and World Forest Day, celebrated on 22 and 21 March, respectively, the VENTANIA, in 2020, "reinvents and reshapes itself, for reasons of the Covid'19 pandemic", and shows its voice, between the 26th of September and the 22nd of November; in Lagos, Lagoa, Portimão and Sagres.

VENTANIA will occupy conventional presentation spaces such as the Fortaleza de Sagres Auditorium, the Municipal Theater of Portimão and the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium, in Lagoa, as well as non-conventional spaces, such as the Municipal Markets of Sagres and Lagoa do Algarve, the Espaço Jovem from Lagos, the Constitution Garden in Lagos, the Auditorium of the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação, in Carvoeiro, and also tourist spaces such as Monte da Casteleja (Lagos) and FAINA Restaurant (Portimão).

The project aims to «spread across the western Algarve, shows and awareness-raising activities, covering the areas of contemporary circus, contemporary dance, theater, music and disciplinary crossings: music / gastronomy, public art / installation / performance, installation / soundscape , seeking to reach audiences of various ages and culturalities, and promoting co-creations with the local community ».

The organization adds that this is an initiative that "will surprise the public with themes related to the environment and citizenship, in a subtle cry of alert to human detachment on the fragile territory of the Algarve". He adds that "the emergence of tourism requires more efficient energy responses, the preservation of natural and immaterial heritage and the fight against desertification, seeking a balance that is not always easy".

This event is sponsored by the Teatro Experimental de Lagos and is part of the 365 Algarve Program, a structure financed by Turismo de Portugal, with the welcome of the municipalities of Vila do Bispo, Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa and the Regional Directorate for Culture of the Algarve.

«In troubled and challenging times, artistic activism, social ecology and global citizenship have never been so important», concludes the dynamics of the event.


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