With 95% of parishes cleared, PS leads with 33.9% – The Economic Journal

95.27% of the parishes are already cleared, more specifically 2,958 out of 3,092 (only 134 are missing). At the moment, the PS leads with 33.9% of the votes. This is followed by PSD with 23.03%, BE with 9.37%, CDU with 6.48%, CDS-PP with 6.02% and PAN with 4.64% of the votes.

You can follow here the count of official results.

At a great distance from being able to elect a MEP are the Alliance with 1.70% of the votes cast, Free with 1.61%, Coalition with 1.47%, Citizens with 1%, PCTP / MRPP with 0 , 85%, the Liberal Initiative with 0.76% and the RDP of 0.49%.

It is recalled that, in the European elections of 2014, the MPT (then with António Marinho and Pinto the head-of-list) obtained 7.14% of the votes. The new party of Marinho and Pinto, the PDR, is currently below 0.5% of the votes cast.

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