With all the parishes cleared, PS wins with 33.38% of the votes – The Economic Journal

The PS obtained 33.38% of the votes in the European elections, more than 10 percentage points of advantage over the PSD that won 21.94% of the votes. All 3,092 parishes have been cleared, but there are still nine of a total of 100 consulates in emigration circles.

In the third position, the BE stands out with 9.82% of the votes, more than double in comparison with 2014 (as much in the percentage, jumping from 4.56% to 9.82%, as in the absolute number of votes, passing from near from 150,000 to over 325,000).

For its part, the CDU falls to almost half of the result they conquered in 2014. At this moment it has 6.88% of the votes (total of about 228,000), while in 2014 it had obtained 12.68% of the votes (total of about 416 thousand). The CDS-PP this time competed alone and is practically at the same level of CDU, with 6.19% of the votes (total of about 205 thousand).

The great surprise of the electoral night was the PAN, at this moment with 5.08% of the votes (total of about 168 thousand). The first projections of the polling at the mouth of the polls, in fact, pointed to the possibility that the PAN could overcome the CDS-PP, something that did not materialize.

But the "EuroPAN" (as the party's militants shouted while the leader, André Silva, delivered the victory speech) elected for the first time a MEP (the head of the list Francisco Guerreiro) and almost triplicated the result obtained in 2014 (jumped from 1.72% to 5.08%, or from a total of about 56,000 votes to more than 168,000).

Moreover, the Alliance was far from the goal of electing at least one MEP, obtaining 1.86% of the votes (total of about 61,000). It was followed by the Free with 1.83% of the votes (total of about 60 thousand), the coalition Basta with 1.49% of the votes (total of about 49 thousand) and the Citizen Nodes with 1.04% of the votes (total of about 35 thousand).

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