With the same number of deputies, Block available to keep 'dating' with PS – O Jornal Económico

The Left Block (BE) maintained the number of mandates, electing 19 deputies, winning 9.67%. Once the results were determined, the blockers had a total of 492,487 votes, remaining as the third political force in Parliament and have already opened the door to negotiations with the Government.

The distribution of the new Assembly of the Republic was not yet complete, but a majority was already being drawn for the Socialist Party, although not absolute, when Catarina Martins expressed the availability of the blockists to support the government.

“The PS has all the conditions to form a government and if it does not have an absolute majority and needs parliamentary support, it has two options: it seeks a stability solution, which assumes the continuation of rights and income solution throughout the legislature. And that must be reflected in the government program that will be presented. Or hold negotiations year by year for each budget, ”said Catarina Martins, at the Thalia Theater in Lisbon, where the Left Block met to accompany the election night.

"The BE expresses its readiness and if the first one fails, we will also be available for negotiation on a case by case basis, maintaining the commitment we have always stated," he added.

Although there are still four terms to go – two MPs from the constituency of Europe and two MPs from the outside of Europe – with 106 deputies elected and 36.65% of the vote, the PS needs only one major party to govern. Still, António Costa has already opened the door to a new 'contraption', even wider by admitting that he will be in contact with PAN and Livre.

Despite maintaining the number of mandates, the blockers lost two deputies: one in Madeira, where they could not elect any deputy, and one in Porto, district where saw fall from five to four terms (with 10.12%). These losses were offset by the conquest of two new terms: one in Aveiro and one in Braga. The Left Bloc thus elected two deputies for Aveiro and Braga, one for Coimbra, Faro, Leiria and Santarém, five for Lisbon, four for Porto and two for Setúbal.

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