Works at the Oliveirense stadium begin today, after two years of advances and retreats

Works at the Oliveirense stadium begin today, after two years of advances and retreats

The works at the Oliveirense stadium begin today, after two years of advances and setbacks, which have forced the club to request a loan of "800 thousand euros" and to reduce the budget for the next season.

In an interview with the Lusa agency, Horace Bastos said he was "happy" to finally be doing something he "should have done" and addressed the topics that occupied the agenda last year, namely the creation of a SAD, which eventually did not happen, the future of the emblem and what will be the new stadium Carlos Osório.

"It will be a small but cozy stadium, with all the conditions required by the League and also with the conditions of spas and turf that the ball artists like. Let's do championships from now on. We expect the works to end in October, I hope the company will not fail and will be able to do the work in good time, "he announced.

Although he "did not pay the price" sporting, having managed to stay in the II League in the last two seasons, the manager confessed that he spent the "half price with the rental money" of the Municipal Stadium of Aveiro, where the club acted.

The pre-season will be held in the infrastructures of Cesarense, a neighboring club that descended this season for the district championship of Aveiro, with which "a protocol" was made to be the "satellite team" of Oliveirense, in order "to be able to develop young talents and empower the future ".

"In the championship, we will play until the end of September at the Municipal Stadium of Aveiro and, starting in October, we have Carlos Osório. At this moment, we do not have plan B. For the League Cup, if we play at home, I talked to the Gaia Chamber to give us the Dr. Jorge Sampaio Stadium, so until October it will be this, "he said.

To finance the investment, the club had to resort to the bank to ask for 800,000 euros borrowed, paid in four years, which means that the club will "suffer, in terms of staff budget", because the total value of the work is higher to "one million euros", so in addition to the loan, the club has to "pay a good share to the contractor".

"It was all contracted with SAD, in which Deco [ex-jogador] was the poster figure, but the main investor was not him. There was a setback in health with the investor and the process collapsed. Now we are open and to analyze new proposals, if any fits with the sports project and the needs of the club, we will move forward, "he revealed.

These needs go through "liquidating the loan of the works, what is lacking to the contractor, cleaning up the small things of current debt", because he wants the "debt to be zero" when Oliveirense moves from SDUQ (Sociedade Esportiva Unipessoal por Quotas) SAD.

"In an early stage that's how we started negotiating, and from there, we have more than two million investment in infrastructure and equipment as an obligator of investors. Sport design is what counts the most. We want an asset valuation project and that the business is done, only and exclusively from there, "he explained.

That is, the goal is to "empower young talent, sell them and with this SAD to be able to attract new talent, invest in infrastructure and give profitability." If there is no SAD, the club has a business plan "to be fulfilled scrupulously", from the inflows (sponsors, television, league) and what is spent on "day to day wages, taxes and infrastructure" , all being "cabbed".

The squad has, for now, only 16 players in the face of budget cuts and, at the entry level, Horácio Bastos admitted that the club will look for young players in the Portuguese Championship that deserve the opportunity to play in the II Liga and " training ", with four already confirmed in the pre-season, and the club seeks four players to hire. At the exit level, "it depends on the proposals", but he stated that the club is not "pressured to sell".

At the moment, Oliveirense is without a coach, after Pedro Miguel's contract expired, but the manager said he wanted to keep the coach who has already been "invited," also admitting that "the contract is a secondary thing when speaking Pedro Miguel "and that there is no" plan B ", because the coaches" in mind already have a club ".

"It's different from the others, it's a house manager who dropped other projects to come here. What he wants is the minimum and obligatory conditions to be able to work and that is what we are trying to give him. I'm sure you will. At this point, we no longer have plan B defined, but if it [Pedro Miguel] not accept, we have to get the C or the D. For now there is only plan Pedro Miguel and no more, "he finished.

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