World Under-20: Dalot remembers Ronaldo's 'ketchup' and maintains confidence in the 'eighth'

World Under-20: Dalot remembers Ronaldo's 'ketchup' and maintains confidence in the 'eighth'

Defender Diogo Dalot believes that Portugal will overcome the lack of effectiveness in the Under-20 World Cup and, despite being difficult, believes that the 'team of quinas' has the quality to win the trophy.

"Goals are like ketchup. When they start dating, no one can stop us. We have to work every day to score goals. What's important is that we continue to pursue our goal, "he told reporters on the right-back of Manchester United.

Portugal are set for the third Group F fixture against South Africa, with only one goal scored in their debut with South Korea (1-0), and after a draw against Argentina (2- 0).

"We are a very close, very strong team. We'll have to demonstrate this in the next game. Great men and big players get up after less positive results, "said Dalot in Bielsko-Biala, Poland.

Diogo Dalot, 20, stressed that "everything is open" in group F and that the Portuguese team is strong enough to win the game with South Africa.

Regarding eventual World Cup success, the defense was more cautious: "We know it's very difficult to do what we did in the past. Winning a tournament in this category is also very difficult. We have the capacity to do it, but we have to work harder to get it. "

After exchanging FC Porto for Manchester United at the start of last season, the 20-year-old has played 23 home games for the red devils, some of which are extreme. However, he stressed that his position is different.

"I'm right back, but I'm always available to play where every coach thinks I can be useful. I want to be the best possible right back and evolve every day, "he said.

Portugal are in third place in Group F with three points, three points behind leaders Argentina, who have already secured their place in the last 16, and South Korea, while the Asians are ahead of their goal difference.

The third place may even give access to the 'eighth' if Portugal is one of the four best, and a victory against the South Africans ensures the Portuguese direct passage.

Portugal and South Africa play on Friday, from 19:30 (Lisbon time), at the Municipal Stadium of Bielsko-Biala.

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