"X-Men: The Black Phoenix": the saga reborn from the ashes to die on the beach

"X-Men: The Black Phoenix": the saga reborn from the ashes to die on the beach

It is not easy to alleviate this feeling of abrupt termination of those who see an endangered species that, without strong arms (despite being taboo in today's "Time's Up" days attributing virtue to Bryan Singer's contribution), braces for do not drown. Resistance is in vain: "Black Phoenix" does not react well to the new times and the pressure to attribute a dignity to its defeat, with this it is affirmed that between previsibilities and risibilities.

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"X-Men: The Black Phoenix": The Saga Reborn From Ashes to Die on the Beachelements in

This is a movie that oscillates between industrial automatism and the inherent pretentiousness streaks. However, the megalomaniacal disaster that was "X-Men Apocalypse" (2016) makes this result less deplorable, which is not much in the face of a trajectory that positions itself to try to raise its star – Sophie Turner ("The War of the Thrones" ) – as the new face of this tragedy "to the Stan Lee". And the young actress is not even a lost bet, since it reveals more emotion than the previous Famke Janssen.

The rest boils down to a group of mutants without charisma or fiber to ride (with the exception of Michael Fassbender), a hasty narrative to focus on the commons of this consummate plot and a (false) epic tone that only seems find pair with the omnipresent soundtrack of Hans Zimmer.

Adding to all this, which for many will be the least important of this kind of productions, is the anonymity brought by a debut in the achievement of producer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg.

After this … we will not say a crash course, but a bumpy and unmotivated movie to deliver a definite end, what we have is "assisted suicide."

Arrived here, fans have reason to smile because Disney gets the "keys" of the saga and in about five years we will see the mutants arriving at the Marvel Movie Universe.

Even if this reintegration, ironically, is not going to be an added value, because for a series that alludes to a certain political-social activism, the arrival of Disney means a probable loss of its artificial emancipation …

"X-Men: The Black Phoenix": in theaters on June 6.

Review: Hugo Gomes


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