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Microsoft ambitioned, designed, realized and won with its commitment to inclusiveness. In 2018, the brand created a controller for the Xbox, which facilitates the gaming sessions for users with physical and cerebral limitations, and now intends to create a command adapted to the constraints that blind players face when using the console.

The company has already patented a device that uses Braille to communicate with the player. The design closely resembles the more conventional controller of the Xbox One, with some back buttons included. The idea is that these buttons serve to map most of the actions, since the natural position of the hands on a controller causes them to have more fingers available on the back of it. According to the patent, the buttons may further serve to convey contextual information through vibrations so that the player can have a more complete idea of ​​what is going on in the game, in a text conversation or in a menu.

The document also mentions an attachable attachment, which can be connected to the control to facilitate contact with the game, but little else is said about it.

Note that this is only a patent, so it is not certain that Microsoft will release this driver. However, its registration is a sign that the company remains committed to finding new ways to include even more players in its community and, above all, in this entertainment format.

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