You can already control Skydio drone from Apple Watch – Multimedia

You can already control Skydio drone from Apple Watch - Multimedia

The drone maker has released an update that makes it possible to control the R1 model through Apple's smartwatch.

The drones are becoming more autonomous and intelligent and manufacturers are gradually ruling out the gigantic remote controls coupled with smartphones. Skydio has just updated the software of its R1 drone that allows users to launch it to the sky and control it manually through an Apple Watch.

The company specialized in the segment of autonomous piloting, using artificial intelligence to help the drones avoid obstacles. Through smartwatch control, users have more freedom to interact with flying devices, making it easy for them to shoot themselves, ideal for recording vlogs or documentaries without having their hands full.

According to witness The Verge, the Series 4 model is compatible with the application and allows you to easily choose a subject for the drone accompany. The manufacturer also offers different recording modes, including the drone selfie or the possibility of defining two points of movement of the flying machine.

The smartwatch app provides simple commands for manual control. Because the drone is self-contained, users do not need to worry about tricky maneuvers to avoid obstacles, but they can change their direction through a minimalist interface. You can also order the drone to move to the last location registered on the smartphone if it loses the tracking with the user.

Videos captured by the drone are stored in the device in 4K quality and can then be transferred to the PC. However, if you need the images quickly, these are sent instantly to your smartphone, even if limited to 1080p.

Skydio and Apple have teamed up for a bundle containing the drone and smartwatch, available at their respective online technology stores.

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